Alia-Kareena reduced weight by Surya Namaskar! Post pregnancy weight loss fast, do this exercise


Surya Namaskar Yoga practice is a complete workout in itself.
It works to bring flexibility and strength to the body

Surya Namaskar To Reduce Post Pregnancy Weight: Bollywood’s glamorous moms Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are in the news for fitness these days. She is often seen doing yoga to reduce post pregnancy weight fast and to make the body fit. She practices Surya Namaskar to make her body flexible and to keep the muscles active again. Actually, after pregnancy, many nerves, bones and muscles of the body become loose and a lot of hard work has to be done to activate them. In such a situation, the practice of Surya Namaskar proves to be very beneficial. Actually, Surya Namaskar is such a complete workout whose 12 steps help in better supply of oxygen throughout the body, strengthening the body and bringing flexibility. So let’s know what is the right way to do Surya Namaskar.

Let’s start Surya Namaskar with Pranamasan. To do this, you stand straight. Join both of your feet and keep the waist straight. Now bring the hands near your chest and make a gesture of salutation.

hasta uttanasana
After standing in Pranamasan, now take your hands above the head and bend backwards slowly. Keep taking deep breaths.

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Now while exhaling slowly, bend forward and try to touch the toes with your hands. In this posture, your head should meet the knees.

horse running posture
Now move the right leg backwards and keep the knee on the ground. During this, bend the other leg and keeping your palms straight on the ground, keep your head upwards and look in front.

Now keep both your hands and feet straight and in the same line. After this, get into the position of doing push-ups. In this state, take a deep breath and release it. Hold for a while.

Ashtanga Namaskar
Now try to touch both your palms, chest, knees and toes to the ground. Keep in mind that the whole body should not touch the ground. Now stay in this state for some time.

Keep your palms completely on the ground and look in front while lifting the whole body. Full weight will be on hand.

face down
Adhomukha Shavasana is also called Parvatasana. Keep your legs straight on the ground and now lift the hip upwards. Keep your shoulders straight and face inward.

horse running posture
Now move the right leg backwards. Keep the knee in contact with the ground. Now bend your other leg and touch the ground with the palms. Keep the head towards the sky. Hold for a while and take a deep breath.

Now get up and bend forward and touch the toes with your hands. During this, try to keep your head close to your knees.

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Now standing in Pranamasan, raise your hands above your head and keep them straight. Now take the hands backwards in the posture of salutation and bend your waist backwards.

Now stand in the first position and take a deep breath and leave it by making the pose of Pranamasan with your hands.

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