Amla Coconut Lemon Curry Leaves Tea coffee onion 5 home remedies for gray hair in young age


Hair follicles contain pigment cells called melanin. This melanin gives hair its colour.
Curry leaves strengthen the root of the hair.

Home Remedy for Premature Gray Hair: Graying of hair at an early age is becoming a big problem among today’s youth. Whitening of hair is a natural process with ageing, but if it happens in young age then it is a matter of concern. If the hair has started turning white at an early age, then there can be many reasons for this. There are many reasons like wrong lifestyle, genes, environment, some diseases, lack of nutrients, due to which hair is turning white at an early age. Actually, there are hair follicles in the body. These are lined in skin cells like a very small bag.

Hair follicles contain pigment cells called melanin. This melanin gives hair its colour. But with age, the pigments in the hair follicles begin to decrease, due to which the natural color of the hair changes.

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The real reasons for graying of hair at a young age

Dr. Rishi Parashar, Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatologist, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, says that hair becomes white due to the absence of melanin pigment which is usually present in the hair follicles. Hair color comes when the melanosome bursts and this causes melanin to enter the hair shaft. There can be many reasons for it not bursting. It can also be due to pollution and can also be due to lack of nutrients. Although in most cases it is also due to genes. At the same time, mental problems, stress, smoking, drinking can also be the cause of graying of hair at an early age. Along with this, if there is deficiency of iron, deficiency of vitamin B-12 or deficiency of vitamin D3 then also the hair can turn gray before time. Diseases like thyroid can also cause hair to turn white at an early age.

How to stop graying of hair at an early age

1. Amla,ht According to the news, hair is turning white at a young age, so amla can prove to be a panacea in stopping it. For this, take out the seed from amla and make a paste out of it. Massage the gooseberry paste on the scalp at the root of the hair.

2. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice-Coconut oil and lemon accelerate blood circulation in the scalp due to which melanin comes out. For this, mix one part lemon juice in two parts coconut oil and massage it into the scalp. You will feel the difference in a few days.

3. Curry leavesCurry leaves strengthen the root of the hair. For this, first boil curry leaves in one tablespoon of coconut oil till it turns black. After cooling it, massage it in the hair. Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

4. Tea or Coffee-Tea and coffee darken hair naturally. For this, let the tea boil in water for 10 minutes. After this clean the hair with it. If you want brown hair then use coffee.

5. Onion PasteMake a paste of onion and apply it on white hair and leave it for an hour. Hair will be naturally black.

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