Are you troubled by bloating, gas, constipation? Do these 5 yogasanas regularly, stomach related problems will be removed from the root


By doing yoga, the digestive system remains healthy, due to which there are no problems like bloating, constipation etc.
If you practice Dhanurasana, then many problems related to the stomach go away.
Regular practice of Halasana helps in solving digestive problems.

Yogasana to Cure Bloating: Most people are troubled by the problem of flatulence ie bloating, indigestion, gas, indigestion. On the contrary, due to excessive consumption of fried and roasted things, some people’s stomach becomes very bloated. Sometimes due to this, stomach pain also starts. If the problem of bloating often bothers you, then your digestive system may not be doing its job properly. The problem of bloating can occur when your food is not digested properly. Stomach is not clean for many days, due to which the stomach looks bloated. To get rid of this problem, along with taking a healthy diet, you can also practice some yoga regularly. Let us know which yoga can prove beneficial to remove the problem of bloating and constipation.

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How yoga is beneficial in the problem of bloating According to it, by doing yoga, the digestive system remains healthy, due to which there are no stomach related problems like bloating, constipation, indigestion etc. If you do light exercise like walking, jogging or yoga, then the food gets digested faster in the stomach and moves properly in the intestines. Due to this, gas does not form in the intestines and the symptoms of bloating or swelling will decrease. Sometimes there is a problem of bloating due to stress, anxiety, due to which the digestive system slows down. In this case, keep the body in relax mode as much as possible. If you do yoga, then the problem of stress, anxiety, depression will also go away.

5 yoga asanas that will remove the problem of bloating

Remove the problem of bloating with Apanasana
If you have bloated stomach, constipation, indigestion problem then you should practice Apanasana. For this, spread the yoga mat and lie down on your back. Bending both the legs from the knees, keep them close to the chest. While in this position, take a breath in and then exhale. While doing this yoga, keep the shoulders close to the floor. After staying in this position for a few seconds, return to the previous state. By doing this, the problems of bad stomach, indigestion, constipation, bloating etc. will start reducing gradually. Do not do Apanasana if you have back pain, knee injury. Do not do this yoga immediately after having food.

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Benefits of doing Paschimottanasana in bloating
Sit on the floor in front of you by spreading both the legs straight. Do not keep gap between the legs. Keep back, neck, head all straight. Tilt the upper part of the body forward. Try to touch the fingers of both the feet with the fingers of the hands. Do not lift the knee from the ground. Taking a deep breath, exhale slowly. During this, keep in mind that your head should touch your knees. Stopping in this position, take a deep breath 5 to 10 times and leave it. Will get rid of stomach problems. Repeat this process three to four times.

Do halasan in the problem of bloating
Halasan improves the digestive system. Regular practice of this removes digestion related problems. It reduces weight. Improves metabolism as well. Also reduces stress. Lie down on the mat on your back. Keep the hands straight on the floor. Slowly raise both your legs straight upwards. Now move the feet towards the head. Try to touch the toes of the feet on the ground. Remain in this position as long as possible. Now slowly bring the legs back to the normal position.

Do Uttanasana in bloating
Uttanasana is a stretching yoga posture. Immunity is also strengthened by doing this yoga. Stomach problems go away. While doing this, there is pressure on the stomach, promoting circulation, which gives relief from gas. Also corrects digestion. Stand straight and keep the legs straight. Now while inhaling, bend forward from the waist. Hold ankle with both hands. Try to touch the chest with the feet. Keep the head tilted downwards. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then slowly return to the previous state.

Doing Dhanurasana will be beneficial in bloating
If you practice Dhanurasana regularly, many stomach related problems can be cured. It reduces the problem of gas, flatulence. To do this, lie down on your stomach. While doing this yoga, the body looks exactly like a bow. In this, both the hands have to be taken backwards and hold the feet. While breathing, lift the chest from the floor and try to pull the legs towards the waist. Maintain the balance of the body while in this position. While exhaling, slowly come back to the normal position.

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