Breast cancer also occurs in men, know the reason for this disease from the doctor of Gangaram Hospital

Due to changing lifestyle and disturbances in food, many times we become victims of such diseases, which are difficult to even imagine. The name of one such disease is ‘Male Breast Cancer’. At first glance, we all find it strange that how can cancer occur in an organ which is not present in men. But, this is the truth and today a large number of men are also falling prey to this disease. According to a report, out of every 100 cases of breast cancer in India, one is of ‘Male Breast Cancer’. From this you can guess how fast this disease is making its inroads among us.

What is male breast cancer?
Breast cancer has become a very common disease in women. But, now men are also falling prey to it. According to a 2020 report, out of all the cases of breast cancer coming up in the country at present, 0.5 to 1 percent are cases of ‘male breast cancer’. Dr. Kunjal Patel, Molecular Oncopathologist at the Newberg Center for Genomic Center in Ahmedabad, says that some recent studies suggest that cases of male breast cancer are on the rise. Whereas earlier such cases were found sporadically. Indian Express Newspaper had published a report on October 21 last year based on the conversation with Dr. Kunjal Patel. Quoting a 2020 survey, Dr. Kunjal says that the biggest problem is the lack of awareness about it. He told that 78 percent people do not know about male breast cancer. Dr. Kunjal tells that there are many reasons behind this. The most important thing in this is lifestyle. After this, family history and genetics are also responsible for this.

Testosterone intake a big reason
On this issue, we talked to Dr. Mrinal Pahwa of Sir Gangaram Hospital. Dr. Pavaha is a consultant in the department of Urology and Renal Transplant at Gangaram. Dr. Pahwa explains that when a youth consumes testosterone-enhancing medicines or supplements without doctor’s advice to look attractive or build a body, then he also has to face its side effects. Due to this, the risk of prostate and breast cancer increases in him. Testosterone is the male hormone. For this reason, things like beard, mustache and masculinity come in men. Testosterone is a symbol of strength in a way. The youth have started consuming extra testosterone to show their strength. Dr. Pavha explains that there is no testosterone deficiency in any man in normal condition. But, the younger generation is taking testosterone for the alleged improvement in performance from gym to sports and in the bed room, which is completely wrong. Its biggest side effect is coming in the form of prostate and male breast cancer.

symptoms of male breast cancer
Dr. Patel says that usually men get information about this disease late. Actually, the reason behind this is for men to be relaxed about their breasts. They remain unaware of any lump in the breast i.e. its growth or swelling. It is still considered a disease of the elderly. Generally, after the age of 60, there is a danger about this and with increasing age, this risk increases further. According to the report, most of the cases are found between the age of 70 to 75 years. During this, fluid starts getting discharged from the nipples of men like women.

Such men are more at risk
Dr. Patel says that the risk of breast cancer increases significantly in men whose parents have been suffering from cancer. The biggest reason for this is the increase in the level of estrogen. Actually, estrogen is basically a female hormone, but in some quantity it is also found in men. When the level of this hormone increases in men, then breast starts forming in them. With increasing age, it also increases in men and due to this the sperm count decreases. Apart from this, cases of male breast cancer are also being seen due to certain genes.

Treatment before illness!
Both Dr. Pahwa and Dr. Patel state that this disease is usually found in older people, but people who have cancer in their family history should get themselves screened for breast cancer. Due to this, information about the disease is available before it occurs and its treatment becomes possible at the right time.

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