Causes heart attack youth World Stroke Day cardiac arrest and heart failure sehat ki baat nodakm

Sehat ki Baat: There has been a sudden increase in the cases of cardiac arrest after the knock of the Kovid epidemic. In the recent past, this disease has made its victims especially the youth. The situation has reached such a point that at present, 30 percent of the patients suffering from heart disease are those who are less than 40 years of age. On World Stroke Day, we had a special conversation with Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, Director Cardiology at Artemis Hospital, about the changing heartbeats of the heart. Read the excerpts of the conversation…

This is the reason for the increasing cases of heart stroke
According to Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, most heart disease prone patients in the world are found in our country. Our genetics and bad cholesterol are mainly responsible for this genetics and bad cholesterol. High stress labels, diabetes, rapid migration of people from villages to cities and changing lifestyle are also playing an important role in worsening heart disease. Apart from this, the body clock system of youth working in foreign companies has completely changed. Due to all these reasons including rapid urbanization, heart disease has increased even more in our country.

The disease of the elderly knocks on the hearts of the youth
According to Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, 10 to 15 years ago we used to see heart disease mostly in the elderly or people who have crossed the age of 45. But, now the situation is that 25 to 30 percent of heart attack patients are such, whose age is either between 40 and 45 or less than 40. Actually, the stress caused by the youth due to work has badly affected their heart, cardiovascular system. Apart from this, the habit of eating restaurants, fast food, cigarettes and alcohol has made the lifestyle of the youth completely unhealthy. Young people do not have time for physical exercise. Due to all these reasons, the cases of heart attack or cardiac arrest are increasing rapidly among the youth.

Sudden cardiac arrest during gym or sports
According to Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, the youth who have realized their unhealthy lifestyle, have the eagerness to make themselves healthy. In this curiosity, they make some mistakes. Actually, youngsters start doing gym for the purpose of losing weight and want to get their results in a week or two. Because of this, he starts doing a lot of gymming without training. Due to this habitual exercise, small blockages present in the veins of his heart tend to rupture. The result comes in the form of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, in which the risk of death is greatly increased.

Causes heart attack youth World Stroke Day cardiac arrest and heart failure sehat ki baat nodakm - World Stroke Day Special Podcast: Causes of heart attack in youth, World Stroke Day, difference between cardiac arrest and heart failure, health talk, causes of heart attack in youth, world stroke day, difference between cardiac arrest and heart failure, health talk,Click to hear the full conversation with Dr. Manjinder Sandhu…. These are 5 triggers of heart attack in youth

how to eat to avoid heart attack
According to Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, we should increase the component of fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. There is more carbohydrate based food in our culture, which includes chapati, paratha, flour, maida etc. We should reduce carbohydrate based diet. This does not mean that we should remove carbohydrates from our diet, as many people make the carbohydrate value of their food zero during dieting. Healthy stuff like fiber-fruits and vegetables should be more in our food. People who eat non-veg eat non-veg, but to avoid heart disease, avoid red meat.

Heart attack even after everything is fine in health checkup
According to Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, these people do not understand. Actually, health checkup does not mean that nothing will happen to you. According to the knowledge of medical science, we test it, to see things broadly. With the help of these tests, many times diseases like undetected sugar, cholesterol, fasting, thyroid or cancer are found on time. Whose treatment starts on time. As far as heart attack is concerned, it is very difficult to predict it. Actually, it is not possible to catch blockage of 20-30 percent during routine health checkup. In 70 percent of the cases, heart attacks are caused due to the recurrence of these blocks.

What is the difference between heart attack, cardiac arrest, heart failure and if such a situation suddenly arises in the home, then what steps can be taken to prevent it… to know the answers to these questions and to know the answers to these questions Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, Director Cardiology at Artemis Hospital Click to hear the full conversation from…. World Stroke Day Special Podcast: These are 5 triggers of heart attack in youth

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