Change 8 habits soon, can become an obstacle in the happiness of children, Dr. Aaradhya Achuri told ways to improve


Smoking can cause infertility problems to people.
Consumption of junk food can also affect fertility badly.

Tips To Prevent Infertility: At present, a large number of people are facing the problem of infertility. Due to infertility, people are struggling with childlessness. The main reason for this problem is the run-of-the-mill and stressful life. Most of the people do not even know that they are doing some such work in hobby, which is affecting their fertility badly. If experts are to be believed, attention should be paid to small things from the beginning, then you can maintain fertility better for a long time and get child happiness. Know the important things related to this.

Located in Kondapur, Hyderabad Dr. Aaradhya Achury, specialist at Apollo Fertility Center According to it, it is very important for people to take care of fertility. Nowadays it is the need of the hour. Good habits matter a lot to improve fertility. In today’s era, the fertility of people is getting badly affected due to many reasons. After the age of 35, the chances of natural conception are decreasing in women, while the sperm count of men is decreasing rapidly. These things are very worrying. The main reason for this is excessive stress, lifestyle without physical activity, excessive exercise, obesity, lack of sleep, long working hours, excessive intake of caffeine, smoking, alcoholic and junk food consumption.

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How to avoid infertility

Dr. Aaradhya Achuri says that to avoid the problem of infertility, both men and women should consume vegetable protein instead of animal protein. Foods with low glycemic index and adequate amounts of iron and multivitamins can improve fertility. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Get enough sleep of 8 hours every day. Do moderate exercise. By taking care of all these things, you can also improve your reproductive health to a great extent.

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Reproductive health is affected

from Bangalore Dr. Rajam Murali, Senior Consultant, Reproductive Medicine, Milan Fertility and Birthing Hospital According to some habits of people can ruin their fertility. To avoid them, there is a need to change them as soon as possible. Reproductive capacity can be affected by these habits. For example, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can lead to infertility in both men and women. All these habits do not affect fertility equally for all. Some people may be more susceptible to infertility due to these habits, while others may have no effect on fertility.

Change these 8 habits soon

Other smoking habits including cigarette, bidi can damage the quality and quantity of sperm, which makes it difficult for couples to conceive. In such a situation, distance should be made immediately from smoking.

Consuming processed foods, sugar, oily and high fat can cause hormonal disturbances by increasing weight. Fertility can be badly affected by this. All people should stop unhealthy diet immediately.

Lifestyle without physical activity can lead to problems like weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. all these
Problems can cause infertility.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can reduce the sperm count of men. This can lead to hormonal imbalance inside the body. This habit can cause infertility problems in both men and women.

Excessive stress can hinder ovulation and sperm production, making it difficult for couples to conceive.

Lack of sleep can cause hormonal disturbances and affect the quality of sperm and eggs. This habit reduces the fertility of couples. That’s why enough sleep should be taken.

Excessive physical activity can cause weight loss, hormonal disturbances and decrease in sperm count. All these can affect fertility. Never over exercise.

Exposure to toxic elements like pesticides, plastic, chemicals, pollution can reduce the quality of sperm.

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