Cut off hands, feet, ears, fingers can be joined again, just do this easy work, doctors gave opinion

Body All parts are necessary. If even one part is cut, then it becomes difficult to work. Usually due to accidents or accidents, factories, machines, people’s body parts like hand, finger, leg, thumb etc. are completely cut off, but do you know that after cutting, these parts are separated in your body. Can join again and work in the same way as before. However, for this an important work has to be done before taking the victim to the hospital. You have to find that severed limb and then keep it safe and alive in the way prescribed by the doctors, so that the doctors can reconnect it.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi Of Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, the chairman Dr. Mahesh Mangal In a conversation with News18 Hindi, it is said that the cutting of a body part is not a new thing. Especially in India, there are such cases every day when people working in agriculture, laborers working in factories, small children playing in homes or in any other type of accident, the essential body parts of the people are completely cut apart. become. However, the important thing is to keep or preserve that cut or separated body part alive for a certain time, so that it can be re-attached to the body.

Dr. Mangal says that the doctors have to connect fewer organs but it is the job of the patients or relatives to send that organ to the doctors in the right condition. Patients and relatives should first search for the bitten area. When that organ is found, to keep it alive, first take a small polythene, which is easily available anywhere. Then wash the cut organ thoroughly with clean water and put it in clean polythene and tie its knot. After that tie this polythene inside another big polythene filled with ice and hang it in such a way that the cut limb does not come in direct contact with the ice. That is, even in polythene, the ice and the organs should not touch each other, only the organs should get a little coolness. After this, as soon as possible, take the patient with polythene of the cut organs to a big hospital where the process of rejoining it is possible.

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Dr. Mangal says that usually hand, hand below elbow, foot, ankle, leg up to knee, whole arm up to shoulder, finger, thumb, toes, ear, penis of men, scalp sticking to hair of women Other organs are cut off, although there is a fixed time for their survival even after keeping them in polythene, if before that these organs reach the doctors in the hospital, then it is possible to put them back in the patient’s body.

fingers or toes The severed fingers of hands or feet can be joined comfortably by keeping them safely inside the ice bag for 16-18 hours. Although the severed fingers kept in the hospital for 24 hours have been added.

hand from wrist If the hand is severed from the wrist, it can easily be rejoined within 8-10 hours.

gender of male If a man’s penis is cut off, he can easily join it within 10-12 hours.

elbow to hand If a person’s hand is cut off till the elbow and falls apart, then it can be joined within 8 hours.

full sleeve If someone’s hand is cut from the shoulder, then it can be joined within 6 hours. Actually, the more muscles and meat starts coming in an organ, the more its time decreases because the muscles do not survive for long without blood supply.

ear- The ear can also be connected within 10-12 hours after keeping it alive in the ice bag.

Skull-If the hair of women’s head gets stuck somewhere and the skin of the head comes out, then they can also be added after 10-12 hours. However, keep in mind that all these body parts should be alive.

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