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Sehat ki Baat: New Delhi. With the arrival of winter, pollution has crossed its dangerous level in all the cities of the country including Delhi-NCR. In such a situation, the problem of those people who are either asthma patients, or they have some other respiratory disease. Many times, Naubat reaches till the admission in the hospital. Now the big question here is how to keep oneself safe amidst this dangerous pollution. We talked to find the answer to this question Dr. Nikhil Modi, Senior Consultant, Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital From. Read, important excerpts from the conversation with Dr. Modi….

Question 1: In all parts of the country including Delhi-NCR, along with winter, pollution has also knocked. The level of pollution in many cities has also crossed the danger mark. In such an environment, the problems of asthma patients increase significantly. What would you like to suggest regarding their health.

Dr. Modi: The level of pollution in Delhi remains bad for only about 12 months, but during winter the level of pollution becomes fatal at times. Actually, in winter the wind speed is low and the humidity increases. The pollution which was cleared earlier with strong wind, in winter the same pollution remains in the atmosphere due to low wind speed. At the same time, due to other reasons including burning of stubble, the level of environment in the environment starts becoming very toxic.

As far as asthma or respiratory patients are concerned, then allergic tendencies are already there in them. The contaminated air that enters the body along with the breath produces congestion and mucus. As a result, the patient gets increased pressure in breathing, due to which the attacks become extremely severe. Conditions which can be controlled with normal medicines, due to pollution, it is not possible. At times, these patients develop pneumonia infection with severe attacks, due to which they have to be admitted to the hospital.

Question 2: It happened that what kind of problems do we have due to pollution. The question here is how people living in highly polluted cities like Delhi-NCR stay healthy while facing this pollution.

Dr. Modi: Many efforts are going on to control pollution, but they will take a long time to come. But, till then we have to take care of ourselves while living in the midst of this pollution. For this it is necessary that in the meantime you do not leave the house unless it is very important. Come out of the house wearing a mask only. With the help of a simple mask, you can avoid serious respiratory diseases. By the way, due to Corona, many good habits have come in people, wearing a mask is also a good habit.

We have been recommending masks for pollution in the past as well. The special thing here is that even a normal mask may not stop Kovid, but can reduce the emulation of pollution so much that you will be protected to a great extent. The second is to take some good habit steam and gargle with hot water. Steam and hot water gargles will keep your windpipe clear. You have to take your medicines on time, due to which the control of your respiratory disease remains fine. In this way, with the help of some simple steps, we can save ourselves.

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Question 3: Now you have advised to take steam and gargle with hot water. Let us go to the time when Kovid was at its peak and every person was taking steam, at that time there was a special alert about steam. At that time it was said that there are wounds in the throat due to steam, and these wounds are being caused by black fungus. After which, there was a kind of fear among the people about Steam. In such a situation, how much is right or wrong to take steam. If so, what is the correct way?

Dr. Modi: We cannot say that taking steam is a bad thing. The advantage of steam is that steam reaches inside and becomes water and this water helps in breaking and clearing the trapped mucus inside. As far as moving black fungus is concerned, the fungus grows rapidly in a humus environment. In the era of covid, the observation of ENT specialist was that patients with severe covid were being given high doses of steroids, due to which the black fungus started multiplying in the body.

At the same time, other patients with asthma or respiratory diseases, who have allergic problems, their mucus becomes very thick, which starts to get trapped, steam helps in clearing it, there is no risk of black fungus in it, because Their immunity is also fine. As far as how often to take steam or what is its method, it is enough to take steam once or twice a day, in the morning and evening, not that we are taking steam every two hours. Now steamer machines are also coming to take steam, so that you can take steam directly. Apart from this, you can take steam by heating water in a pan and putting it on a towel head.

Question 4: Let us now talk about those who have been hit by Kovid in the past. In this, a large number of patients whose lungs were directly affected seriously. Now this Diwali, what kind of precautions should be taken by the patients who have suffered the havoc of Kovid, so that they do not get trapped in any other kind of complication.

Dr. Modi: There is a large population in our country who are in the post covid stage. Somewhere in the respiratory tubes and lungs of these people, there are other effects including the sensation of Kovid. People of post covid stage will have to take special care of themselves like patients with asthma and respiratory diseases. Like asthma patients, people in the post covid stage are also prone to cough and difficulty in breathing. Apart from this, slight negligence increases the chances of infection and mucus getting trapped.

These people also have to come out with masks like asthmatics, keep themselves healthy, do regular exercise and take some steam. All these things will benefit. Also, these people should immediately contact the doctor when any system comes, so that if anything happens, it can be controlled quickly through treatment.

Question 5: An advice is given to asthma or respiratory patients very commonly, that if possible, spend some time outside Delhi NCR.

Dr. Modi: Yes, those who have very severe problems and their allergies are not coming under control, many times we advise them to go out of Delhi-NACR for some time. Actually, sometimes they have to give us very heavy medicines. Strides also have to be given to control the sinem. In such a case, giving high dose strides can cause more damage to the body. In such a case, it is advised that if your system is controlled by going out, then you should go out of Delhi-NCR for some time, as soon as the pollution is controlled, you can come back.

Question 6: Now talking about green crackers. It is claimed that there will be 30 percent less pollution than these, despite the level at which pollution is labeled in Delhi, how dangerous will green crackers prove to be for the people of Delhi.

Dr. Modi: See, the label of pollution is very high than severe, by measuring PM 2.5, it is in the critical category. If the crackers are not controlled then there will be a lot of damage. My advice is not to crack crackers.

Click to listen to Dr. Modi’s conversation in detail… Podcast: Asthma and respiratory patients how to protect themselves from toxic pollution.

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