Do you also have social anxiety? To overcome this, take care of these 5 things


If you suffer from social anxiety then do deep breathing exercises and yoga.
Use all your senses to reduce social anxiety.

Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety: Do you also feel shy to interact with people a lot? Are you nervous about going to any gathering, meeting, party, social function etc.? If yes then you are suffering from social anxiety disorder. There are certain social situations that most people get nervous about, but if you have social anxiety disorder (also known as social phobia), it can affect your day-to-day work, everyday events, etc. Rather completing them can also be quite challenging for you. You may feel a lot more self-conscious and intimidated when it comes to developing social relationships than other people. Due to this, self-esteem ie self-esteem also starts decreasing. People who are social anxious, they usually shy away from going to any social gathering because they feel that they are being judged. In such a situation, the sooner you get out of this type of phobia, the better it will be for your overall development.

Ways to get out of social anxiety

control your breath According to, due to anxiety, there are many changes in the body. You may feel uncomfortable, like your breathing may be fast or very slow. This can make you even more worried. You may feel tingly, dizzy or suffocated. In such a situation, do breathing exercise to control the anxiety. Sit comfortably and inhale slowly through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold the breath for 2 seconds and then slowly exhale through the mouth in 6 seconds. Repeat this until you feel relaxed.

relax muscles
Do physical activity like jogging, running etc. as much as possible. This helps a lot in reducing anxiety. Progressive muscle relaxation can also prove to be effective in this. It is a way of relaxing a group of muscles in the body. Do yoga together. Deep breathing helps in reducing blood pressure and heart rate. By doing this, the problem of mood and anxiety can be cured.

Prepare yourself
Prepare yourself in advance to face any kind of social situations. If you feel nervous about going in a crowd, set your mind beforehand to get yourself into this situation. Doing this will develop a sense of confidence in you. Instead of running away from social gathering, social situation like party, work function, meeting etc., face it.

go to less crowded places first
Instead of suddenly going to very crowded places, parties, functions, etc., start going to less crowded places. First you go to eat in a restaurant with friends or family. Go shopping with them. Try to make eye contact with people outside. Be it a shop, restaurant or road. When someone talks to you, you should also answer questions. Try to talk positively, bring positive thoughts. Due to this, your social activity will start decreasing gradually.

use your senses
Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, all of your senses can help calm you down when you’re feeling anxious. For some people, looking at a favorite picture or smelling a certain smell can work. Next time you find yourself caught up in any sort of social activity, listen to your favorite song, chew on a favorite chew, or play with a pet.

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