Do you have this question in your mind about Shilajit, know here the truth related to it, it will be very useful


There is a misconception in the minds of people that Shilajit is pure in its raw form.
Shilajit should not be used with your mind

Myth about shilajit: On hearing the name of Shilajit, different types of thoughts start appearing in the youth. Men also start fantasizing about Shilajit in many ways. Some people believe that Shilajit works like Viagra for men. Some people believe that taking Shilajit gives a lot of strength, while some people believe that there are many disadvantages of Shilajit. There are many misconceptions that people have about Shilajit. If you are also following these misconceptions, then let us know what are the myths about Shilajit.

Actually, medicinal use of Shilajit has been done in India for more than 5000 years. It is found on the Himalayas at an altitude of 18000 feet. Shilajit is famous for its purity. Shilajit increases fertility but it does not work like Viagra. In HT news, experts have exposed the myth about Shilajit.

Myths about Shilajit
ht According to the news, Dr. Kirti Soni, Head of Research and Development in Kapiva, has exposed some myths related to Shilajit.

1. Shilajit works like Viagra
Most of the people have a misconception that Shilajit is just like Viagra. Dr Kirti tells that it is not so at all. Definitely Shilajit boosts testosterone hormone in men and awakens libido but Shilajit doesn’t do that at all the way Viagra works. Shilajit cannot be a substitute for Viagra. Consume Shilajit only when the doctor tells you. If you do it with your mind, then it can also have side effects.

2. Only raw Shilajit is pure
There is a misconception in the minds of people that Shilajit is pure in its raw form. While the reality is that by consuming the raw form of Shilajit, poisonous substances can also enter the stomach. Shilajit is obtained from mountain rocks. That’s why harmful elements like lead, cadmium, arsenic etc are found in raw Shilajit. That is why Shilajit is modified.

3. Regular intake of Shilajit is harmful
Some people believe that regular consumption of Shilajit is harmful whereas it is not so at all. Shilajit is a better supplement that provides energy. Shilajit has many other physical benefits but it can be consumed continuously under the supervision of doctors.

4. Shilajit should not be consumed in summer
Many people believe that Shilajit’s effect is very hot, so it should not be consumed in summer, whereas whether it is winter or summer, Shilajit should be consumed anytime under the supervision of doctors. However, those with digestive complaints should take very low doses in summer. It is better to use Shilajit in winter to keep the body warm, but it does not mean that it should not be used in summer.

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