Dry Brush Body Brush-Gentle Exfoliation, Set of 2, With 2 Wall Hook,Slong Brush Can go Straight to the back, Making the Whole Body Skin Softer and Radiant-Remove Cellulite, Improve Blood Circulation

Dry Brush Body Brush-Gentle Exfoliation, Set of 2, With 2 Wall Hook,Slong Brush Can go Straight to the back, Making the Whole Body Skin Softer and Radiant-Remove Cellulite, Improve Blood Circulation

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Product Description


“The Secret to Healthy, Beautiful Skin”

Do you want to have healthy, smooth, flawless and beautiful skin?

TEMEAYE’s Dry Skin Brush is your solution!

Our Body Brush Buying Guide

If you’re looking for glowing skin that looks healthy and radiant, it’s time to get a body brush. This is a special beauty tool that is used to brush off the dull layer of flaky skin at the top. A body brush can help you to unclog pores, remove any dead skin and exfoliate your body. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants smooth skin that feels soft and looks shiny. In addition, body brushing can actually help to redistribute fat that is stored in your skin. This smooths out your cellulite so your skin looks firmer and tighter.

You can dry brush your body before you take a bath or shower. Brushing your body should be done for a few minutes each day and can be done on a daily basis. Just be sure to use the right kind of brush so that you don’t irritate your skin.

body brushbody brush

How Does it Work? It goes without saying that dry brushing exfoliates the skin by removing dry, dead skin, but it works wonders for the inside of your body too. In a similar vein to massaging, dry brushing kickstarts your lymphatic system and helps remove toxins from your body.It also unclogs your pores so your skin can breathe easier and the process smooths out the appearance of cellulite too.Most professionals suggest doing it pre-shower So standing in your shower before you turn on the water might be the perfect time and place to do it.

Start at the bottom and work your way up using long sweeping motions towards the heart. Brush over the same areas several times, but avoid scrubbing.

On your tummy you can use circular, clockwise movements.

Once you’re brushed from your toes to your top – be careful of the more sensitive areas like your stomach and chest.

Have a shower, pat yourself dry and moisturise with a cream or oil.

Body BrushBody Brush

TEMEAYE dry skin brushing tips:

Start out gentle: Make sure that the dry brushing is done softly in the initial stages so that soreness is avoided.

Application of a little more pressure can be done as your skin gets used to dry brushing.

Use on dry skin: Make sure to brush completely dry skin only. Shower after skin brushing to remove exfoliated skin.

Wounds: Do not do any skin brushing over cuts, wounds or rashes.

Brush towards the Heart:

The brush strokes should move towards your heart.

This improvement in blood circulation is why so many people feel extremely refreshed after an energetic session of dry brushing.

brush 0527brush 0527

The Body Brush Tips and Advice:

When selecting a body brush, the shape is important because it will determine where on your body you can reach. A brush with a small handle is great for easily accessible parts of your body, such as your arms and legs. However, you will have to bend in order to reach your lower half. However, a body brush with a long handle is ideal for reaching your back, or the bottom half of your legs if you have trouble reaching that area.The bristles of the body brush are key. You don’t want to get anything too soft, as that will not provide you with the benefits you need. However, bristles that are too stiff may irritate and hurt your skin. Opt for something in the middle in terms of firmness. Bristles can be made from natural material.

Fun Fact

When brushing your skin, it’s best to brush towards the heart. This means that if you’re brushing your arms, you should start near your fingers and brush towards your shoulder. It’s best to use small and firm brush strokes. You can also use a circular motion where you have more room, such as on your back or stomach. Be sure not to press too hard, as this can hurt your skin. If you break the skin or cause any irritation, it’s best to take a break till your skin heals.

☺️ROPE LOOP &LONG HANDLE: Being wrapped with hemp rope, the handle is non-slip with better grip. Thanks to the length of 15.8″ , handle can reach those hard-to-reach areas. Brush also has rope loop for hanging.
☺️2 Adhesive Wall Hooks Included: The package includes 2 hooks for convenient storage, the short brush has cotton belt for easy carry
☺️GREAT RESULTS – Our brush has shown great results for the skin’s health and beauty when dry brushing; Benefits include: cellulite appearance reduction , smoother glowing skin, improves blood circulation, shed dead skin, eliminates clogged pores for better nutrients absorbing
☺️WARRANTY POLICY:Don’t worry about after-sales problems. We provide one year warranty to ensure complete satisfaction and risk free. Dry brush body brush is recommended to be replaced every six months to one year to ensure clean and healthy (specifically depending on frequency of use and storage environment)

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