Explainer: Why do doctors say that it is not right to sleep by covering your face with a quilt? Dr. Naresh Kumar of LNJP Hospital is telling the dangers


Sleeping with your face inside the quilt can reduce the level of oxygen in the body.
The habit is fatal for people suffering from asthma or heart related diseases.

in country At this time it is getting cold. The sun is hardly visible for some time in the whole day. People are not able to get relief from the cold even after wearing several clothes on top of one. If you have noticed, some people in your family sleep with their faces inside the quilt. This gives relief to the body from cold, but be careful. Sleeping with your face inside the quilt can prove to be dangerous for you.

May be a victim of Alzheimer’s or dementia
Sleeping with your face inside the quilt overnight reduces the oxygen level. At the same time, problems like fatigue, headache or confusion can also occur due to increased heat. It has been told in many research that sleeping inside the quilt overnight can also disturb mental health. Even those who do this for a long time can also have serious forgetfulness diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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very dangerous for sleep apnea patients
People suffering from the disease of Sleep Apnea have difficulty in breathing while sleeping. The breathing of such people suddenly stops while sleeping and they wake up in a panic. The time to stop breathing can be up to 1 minute. People suffering from this disease, sleeping with their face inside the quilt can prove to be fatal. In many cases, sleeping with your face inside the quilt can increase the problem of sleep apnea.

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Lack of oxygen can lead to heart attack
If someone in your family is used to sleeping inside the quilt continuously, then explain to him that this affects the flow of oxygen. Due to this, a situation like suffocation can arise. Lack of oxygen can cause serious conditions for people suffering from asthma or heart disease. In some cases, it can also lead to heart attack.

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Change this habit immediately for good health
The habit of mouthing inside the quilt can be quite harmful. Therefore, this habit should be changed immediately. If you feel more cold, then while covering the quilt till the head, the mouth and nose should be kept outside so that your body gets enough oxygen. This will save you from serious health problems.

No disease happens in a day: Dr. Naresh Kumar
Dr. Naresh Kumar, HOD of Pulmonary Medicine at Delhi’s LNJP Hospital, says that oxygen is not available in sufficient quantity by sleeping with the face inside the quilt. This can cause many diseases. However, it is not at all that you have been sleeping with your face in the quilt for a few days now and you will get Alzheimer’s, dementia or heart attack. But, if you already have any of these diseases, then it can be harmful by triggering. However, if you are used to sleeping with your face inside the quilt for a long time, then you may have any of these diseases.

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