Figs avocados watermelon spinach orange juice yoga music massage among other ways to boost oxytocin know how to increase love hormone


To increase oxytocin, consumption of avocado, fig, watermelon, chia seeds, etc. in the diet is beneficial.
Just 15 minutes of massage increases the amount of oxytocin

How To Increase Love Hormone: February 14 means today is Valentine’s Day. This day is a day of expression of love for loving couples in the wet fragrance of spring winds. The tinge of romance is felt only when your mood is right. And some hormones have a tremendous role in keeping the mood right. If these hormones are not made properly in the body or if they are less, then the mood will not be right. Actually, there is an important hormone in the body called oxytocin. Its name is love hormone because it is very important to have this hormone for love. Be it any kind of love, love towards others will come in your mind only when the love hormone is made properly in the body.

Love hormone is made in the hypothalamus of the brain which is delivered to the blood through the pituitary gland. Women have more love hormones, so women are more caring. The specific function of love hormone is that when women give birth, it makes the body easy and comfortable for childbirth. Love hormone is also called Happy hormone. It is also called love drug.

benefits of love hormone
When there is sufficient amount of love hormone in the body, then the person remains very happy and more love falls on others. Love hormone has a huge role in emotionally binding one person to another. Like a mother with her child, family members with each other, husband with wife, in the same way love hormone increases the emotional relationship between two strangers. Due to love hormone, the problem of anxiety and depression can also be overcome. Due to this one gets good sleep.

how to increase love hormone

1. Yoga,healthline According to the news, a study conducted in 2013 found that by doing yoga, sufficient amount of oxytocin is produced in the body, due to which depression and anxiety do not occur. This improves the quality of life.

2. MassageA 2012 study found that just 15 minutes of massage increased oxytocin levels. Another study has also revealed the same thing that massage improves mood, which is due to oxytocin.

3. HugHugging with loved ones increases the oxytocin hormone. That is, if you are going to meet your friend on Valentine’s Day, then first keep hugging for some time. You will feel very relaxed after the hug. This is due to oxytocin. Hugs increase oxytocin. It comes in physical intimacy.

4. Doing good work for someone-Philanthropic or your selfless behavior also increases the level of oxytocin. For this, you can help your neighbor in cleaning the house, give money to help someone, buy a gift and give it to your loved ones.

5. Include these things in the dietTo increase oxytocin, consumption of avocado, fig, watermelon, chia seeds, banana, dark chocolate, salmon fish, spinach etc. in the diet is beneficial.

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