Health care in Winters This 20 30 40 formula is beneficial for health in winters nav

Health care in Winter : In today’s lifestyle, due to irregular diet and lack of exercise, laziness and obesity comes in the body. Obesity itself is the home of many diseases. Due to this, diabetes, high BP and heart-related diseases go home. Such people need to be more careful in cold weather. Because the pressure on the heart increases in cold weather. Blood vessels constrict, which impairs blood flow. This increases the risk of BP, stroke and heart attack. According to the European Journal of Epidemiology, people who are obese, smoke or have high blood pressure problems. So they have a 30 percent higher risk of brain stroke and heart attack.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the blood becomes thick and sticky during extreme cold, which makes it easier to clot. Most strokes are caused by clot formation. This clot also obstructs the passage of blood vessels to the brain. nutritionist Divya Gandhi told News18 what to do to take care of health in winter. He has told the 20:30:40 formula to maintain health in winter.

20 minutes of sunshine
Our immune system makes antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses. The body starts making more of these antibodies from sunlight. According to nutritionist Divya Gandhi, ‘Sunlight gives us strength. And when we get strength, then we are able to fight with the virus. Vitamin-D deficiency is very high among people in our country, due to which they have bone problems. Therefore, it is very important to take sunlight for 20 minutes to 1 hour daily. When we sit in the sun, our sweat cells will be activated. Due to which toxins start releasing from our body. When toxins are released, our health overall gets better. In which patients of high BP also benefit. Sitting in the sun also increases the ability of the brain to work, we become active. Sunlight acts as fuel for our body. ‘

30 percent protein in the diet
In winter, there is less sunlight, due to which hunger is more. And protein reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin. According to nutritionist Divya Gandhi, if we take more protein in food, then it will give us two benefits, one will keep our stomach full for a long time and secondly it will not increase our weight.

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Divya Gandhi further told that it normally takes 4 hours for protein to be digested. Which when we increase the amount of protein in the food, then we feel hungry late. But if instead you take fat in the diet, then very soon you will start feeling hungry again. But if you eat a bowl of sprouts, eggs or chicken, then your stomach will be full for a long time. Not only this, due to having protein, you will also have muscle gain and fat will not accumulate. This will improve our body composition.

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Nutritionist Divya Gandhi says that if someone does not have any medical issues, then at least 30 percent protein should be kept in the diet. There should also be 50 to 60 percent carbohydrates and 10 percent fat.

40 minute exercise
According to a study, 40 minutes of exercise daily in winter reduces the risk of high blood pressure and stroke by 27 percent. Nutritionist Divya Gandhi has said that problems like stroke or high BP are related to blood flow in our body. So whenever we workout, our blood circulation gets better. But those who have heart problems or those who have blood pressure, they should not do weight-bearing exercise ie weight training. They should do exercises like light running, cardio and cycling. It helps in fighting with BP, fighting heart diseases, keeping the brain active and also reduces the risk of any kind of stroke.

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