How to get sleep at night fast naturally at home acupuncture expert suggest snooze button right behind ears helps to doze at night


In acupuncture, such points have been told near the ear that with their help one can sleep like a child.
Stress, anxiety, anxiety etc are already treated from anemia point.

How To Get Instant Sleep: Sleep disorder is a big problem of today’s time. Due to the changing lifestyle and ultra-modern facilities, today most of the people do not get sleep at night or get less or if they do not get good sleep. This problem is most prevalent in cities where modern gadgets, mobiles, TV etc. have taken away sleep. People yearn for a peaceful sleep. Lifestyle changes are advised to get enough sleep at night. Daily exercise, eating right and staying away from stress is the cure for good sleep, but this work is very difficult in a run-of-the-mill life. That’s why people fall asleep after taking sleeping pills. But it has a very easy and simple formula in Chinese acupuncture system.

An acupuncturist has given a very simple way to get a very quick and restful sleep at night. He said that there is a magic button behind the ear to induce sleep quickly, by pressing which you can get a restful sleep throughout the night.

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This magic button is behind the ear
Indian Express According to the news published in, Radoslav, a practitioner of Chinese medicine acupuncture, has told on Instagram that acupuncture is a very simple and cheap way to get sleep at night. No money is needed for this either. Radoslav has said, “Every human being needs a restful sleep at night. For this, it is also very important for the mind to have peace and relaxation first. Despite all the efforts, if you do not sleep at night, then take the help of acupuncture. In acupuncture, such points have been told near the ear that with their help you can sleep like a child at night. He said that there is a snooze button behind the head and ears. It is located behind both the ears. After pressing this snooze button properly, one gets very good sleep. This point is called anemia.

what is the way to sleep
Radoslav said that for this you have to hold the right point behind the ear. He said that after going to bed at night, the first thing to do is relax, remove all kinds of stress from your mind. After this there is a point behind the earlobe. Now move the finger towards that point and keep pressing both these points for about 30 seconds. Your shoulders and chest will open as soon as you press these points. This will open the flow of blood in the heart and you will feel relaxed. Then you will not even know when you will fall asleep.

stress will also go away

According to the news of Express, Acupuncturist and Naturopath Dr. Santosh Pandey at Rejuva Energy Center said that stress, anxiety, anxiety etc. are already treated with Anemia Point. When tension and anxiety disappear from the body, then falling asleep will become easy. He said that by pressing the point behind the ear, stress, anxiety, depression, headache, dizziness, dizziness etc. can also disappear. Disease is treated by activating the sensory nerves of the body in acupressure.

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