Is sudden severe chest pain a heart attack? Learn from the doctor the difference and symptoms between normal and heart pain


If there is angina in the chest due to some reason, it gets better by sitting, it gets worse while standing or walking.
Different people experience different symptoms after a heart attack.

Sudden chest pain is really heart attack: Recently, a 24-year-old Bengali actress has died of a heart attack. After this, many such videos surfaced on social media in which someone died while walking and someone died while working out in the gym. There is an atmosphere of fear in the whole country due to the increasing cases of heart attack at a young age. If someone has even a slight pain in the chest, people get worried. It is clear that all types of chest pain cannot be a heart attack, but doctors advise that if there is chest pain, it should be seen by a doctor. ECG will tell whether the chest pain is heart attack or heart related or not. This concern is also more because it has often been seen that suddenly chest pain arose and the patient fell down unconscious. In some cases the patient dies on the spot. That’s why it is important to know which chest pain is due to heart attack and which pain is due to angina.

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How to know if it is heart attack pain
Dr Nityanand Tripathi, senior cardiologist and electrophysiologist at Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, says, “If there is angina due to any reason, it gets better on sitting, gets worse on standing or walking. Apart from this, this pain also increases after eating food or walking in cold weather. This pain gets better by sitting or resting but heart attack causes continuous pain and it can last for more than half an hour. Some people have pain in the jaw and some people have pain in the hands. Different people experience different symptoms after a heart attack. Even some people may have pain in the upper part of the stomach. He feels that it is a gas pain, but in heart attack pain, prolonged pain is the main symptom. Dr. Nityanand Tripathi told that some people may not have pain, they feel breathless or feel that bloating means gas is filled in the stomach. Heart attack can also occur in these situations. That’s why they should get ECG, cholesterol level, TMT done if there is any kind of pain. If the ECG does not detect it, then other tests are done.

Sugar, BP patients have problems
People who are diabetic, smoker, whose BP is increased, they are more at risk of heart attack. It may also happen in them that there is an atypical chest pain. That is, there should be a different type of pain than normal pain. In this, the patient may feel pain while sitting or there may be some pain after eating food. Such people should get ECG, Echo and TMT done. From this it will be known whether heart attack has happened or not or if there is blockage in the artery then how much is it. If the patient had a heart attack and gradually got better but he did not go to the doctor, then the disease does not reduce, but in that case the possibility of sudden death increases in such patients. This can happen with any patient. That’s why one must go to the doctor if there is continuous pain in the chest.

what is the cause of sudden death in heart attack
Dr. Nityanand Tripathi said that the biggest reason for sudden death in heart attack is sudden arrhythmia. Like someone died suddenly in the gym, died suddenly while walking or died while sitting, the reason for all these is arrhythmia. In this, the risk of sudden death increases a lot. As soon as a heart attack occurs, the coronary artery leading to the heart gets blocked and the area where the blockage is located gets damaged. Due to this, the risk of sudden death increases manifold. Dr. Tripathi told that if someone has had a heart attack and it is not detected, then in this situation the chances of his survival may be more, but in some cases if the heart attack is not detected. That is, if a heart attack occurs without pain, then there is a risk of sudden cardiac death in that situation. Such people die within two to four days.

what happens after a heart attack
As soon as a heart attack occurs, the coronary artery going to the heart gets blocked. The blood reaches the heart from the coronary artery itself, from where the blood is purified and carried to the whole body with oxygen. Due to this, the heart is not able to perform its function properly. If the blockage in the veins is not removed, then the part of the heart where the blood supply is stopped gets damaged. This causes heart failure. If VTVF occurs in this situation, the patient will have a sudden cardiac arrest and the patient will die immediately. If the patient is brought to the hospital in this condition, the doctors give him shock. Revert after this.

how to avoid heart attack
There is a pain in the chest or you do not know what happened but if you feel discomfort in the chest continuously, then go to the doctor immediately. The doctor will give further advice on the basis of ECG test. Usually the symptoms of heart attack are not visible beforehand but there are some symptoms which can indicate heart attack. like-
vital signs
Pain in the neck, jaw, back and under the left arm.
restlessness and anxiety.

Different symptoms in men and women
On Twitter, Dr. Deeksha Shree tells that the common symptoms of heart attack can be different in men and women. Women experience less chest pain as compared to men. Instead, other types of symptoms have been seen in women. Most women do not have chest pain before a heart attack, but there may be complaints of excessive fatigue, excessive weakness, nausea and vomiting, heartburn and sweating of the hands.

If you want to avoid heart attack, then remove these things from your life-
sedentary lifestyle.
Unhealthy diet.
Steroid use.
alcohol abuse.
Cholesterol increase.
Supplement to boost stamina.
High BP.

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