Knee pain increases in winter, there is difficulty in doing every work, 5 measures will solve the problem


After lowering the temperature, the blood vessels of the knees start to constrict and this increases the stiffness.
Consume garlic, fish, milk, egg etc in sufficient quantity in knee pain.

Tips to prevent knee pain in winter: The winter season is not good for the people of old age. As soon as the weather changes, many problems start cropping up in the body. Falling temperature is mainly responsible for this. As soon as the temperature drops, the body starts spending all its energy on its main organs to keep them warm. Due to this, the heat starts decreasing in the rest of the body and along with it many problems also start. Actually, after the decrease in the temperature, the blood vessels of the knees start constricting and due to which the stiffness increases and there is immense pain in the knees. In some people, it can also be due to arthritis or surgery. Knee pain usually affects people above 40 years of age and especially women. Most of the weight of the body depends on the knees, so due to the problem of knees, a lot of damage has to be done. Although there is a very simple home remedy to reduce knee pain.

Why knee pain increases in winter
webmd According to the news, air pressure is mainly responsible for knee pain in winter. Due to decrease in temperature in winter, the pressure of the air becomes very low, due to which the pressure on the body also decreases. Due to this, cramps or stiffness starts coming in the muscles, knees and joints. This increases swelling and pain. Apart from this, our lifestyle also changes in winter. We drink less water due to which the amount of fluids in the body decreases. Due to this, the synovial fluid inside the body becomes thinner. On the other hand, the blood of the body reaches there to keep the essential organs warm. Due to this, less blood reaches the hands and feet. At the same time, due to lack of sunlight in winter, vitamin D also becomes deficient. Lack of Vitamin D leads to stiffness in the knees. Due to all these reasons, the pain in the knees or joints increases during the winter season.

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Simple way to get rid of knee pain

  • Always wear warm clothes in winter. Take care of gloves in hand, cap in head. If you go out, keep the whole body covered. Lukewarm sunlight is very beneficial in winter. Go outside whenever the sun is out.
  • The blood circulation of the body should be maintained in winter. Be physically active for this. One should keep moving from one place to another, walk and exercise as much as possible. Yoga and swimming in hot pool will be beneficial.
  • Do not give unnecessary pressure in the body. Do not lift anything heavy by bending down. If you have to lift something heavy, take the help of others. Lifting heavy things can increase knee pain.
  • Adequate sleep at night is essential to get relief from knee pain. Apart from this, stress and depression also increase knee pain, so always stay away from these things. Always be positive. For this, take the help of yoga and meditation. You can also take massage.
  • Consume healthy food. Consume garlic, fish, milk, egg etc in sufficient quantity in knee pain. Consume more and more green vegetables.

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