Laziness comes in jogging in winter, burn belly fat with these 10 asanas at home, will become slim-trim


You can make belly fat disappear by practicing these simple asanas regularly at home.
These asanas are easy to see but its effect is considered to be very beneficial.

Easy Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss: Getting out of the house for a workout in winter seems like a difficult task. However, even if you go out for walking or jogging, the smog spread all around can adversely affect your health. In such a situation, doctors are also suggesting to do workout or yoga while staying at home. Here we are telling you how you can reduce your belly and waist fat while staying at home and keep yourself fit with the help of yoga and asanas.

Sit on the mat and spread both the legs forward. Now slowly raise the legs 30-45 degrees from the front without bending the knees. Now raise your hands straight and hold them in this posture.

tree pose
First stand straight on the mat and interlock both the hands and lift them up and stretch the body. Now place the right foot on the inner part of the left thigh and balance the body. Now keep the palms in Pranam Mudra. Now do the same with the other leg.

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Sit on the mat and straighten your legs forward. Now keep your back and waist straight. Hold for some time in this posture.

Take a deep breath and keep both the legs together. Now bend forward without bending your knees and try to touch your knees with your nose. Hold for some time in this posture.

Stand straight and while stretching the body, raise both the arms above the head. While taking a deep breath, slowly bend the head, neck and upper part of the back backwards.

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First of all, spread your mat and sit on it on the heels by bending the knees. Now lean forward and keep your hands on the floor while moving forward. Keep the head on the floor. You can use yoga block for this.

To sit in the posture of Sukhasana, you sit on the mat with your legs spread forward. Now keep the feet in the cross-legged position and sit quietly by bending the knees. Keep the palms on the knees and keep the back and waist straight.

Lie down on the mat on your stomach and keep both the palms on the floor and lift the front part of the body with the help of hands. Now looking up, bend the arms at the elbows and move the neck back a little. The navel should remain in contact with the ground.

Tiryaka Tadasana
Make a distance of two feet between both the legs and raise the hands parallel to each other. Now taking a deep breath, bend once to the left and then to the right.

bandha konasana
First spread your legs forward and gently bend the knees to join both the soles together. Now take a deep breath by holding the soles and while leaving, press the knees to touch the ground. Now slowly try to bend forward.

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