Man accidentally swallowing intact tablet stuck in the food pipe Sir Ganga Ram Dr Shrihari Anikhindi successfully removed dangerous foreign body


A 60-year-old man swallowed a tablet with its cover that got stuck in a narrow passage in the food pipe
The doctor’s wisdom removed the sharp edge cover without surgery

Dr Shrihari Anikhindi Removed Intact Tablet from Esophagus: Often you must have heard that the child took out the coin or swallowed the marbles, but have you ever seen or heard of an adult person taking out the tablet with the cover. In a unique case of its kind, a 61-year-old man did just that. The fatal thing was that the tablet with the cover that the person had swallowed was very sharp. That is, the cover of the tablet was cut in such a way that its edge became sharp like a blade. He was also stuck at the edge of the food pipe in such a place that it was not known. The person came to the hospital writhing with chest pain. But luckily Dr. Srihari Anikhindi, a specialist gastroenterologist at the hospital, very tactfully removed the tablet along with the cover.

However, if the tablet was pushed through the endoscopy tool from where it was stuck, there was a fear of an incision in the food pipe. Then the matter would have become even more serious and it would have been impossible to remove it without surgery, but Dr. Anikhindi made a unique break and melted the tablet by first puncturing the cover. This is possibly the first case of its kind in which a towelette cover stuck in an adult’s food pipe has been removed without surgery.

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what was the whole matter
Dr. Srihari Anikhindi, Consultant, Institute of Gastroenterology and Pancreatic Biliary Sciences at Sir Gangaram Hospital, said that a 61-year-old man was admitted to the emergency. He was having severe chest pain. On enquiry, it was found that he had accidentally swallowed the tablet along with the cover. After this he was not able to swallow anything. He could not even swallow his spit. The cover of the tablet was made of aluminum blister foil. It is very sharp. It could even cut off someone’s finger outside. Its melting was impossible. In this complicated situation, we immediately did endoscopy. But it was surprising to see this tablet because it was stuck in a place where there is a very narrow place in the food pipe or esophagus. That is, the tablet was stuck in a very narrow place in one corner above the alimentary canal, from where it would have moved a little here and there, then the first incision would have been made in the food pipe. There was not even a place for the endoscopy pipe to enter.

Again trouble averted without surgery

Dr. Srihari Anikhindi said that the problem in removing the tablet was that if we pulled it down or up using special tools with the help of endoscopy, the food pipe could have been cut completely. So we planned to take it out in a unique way. First of all we tear off the cover with the help of a special needle. That means there is a hole in the cover. After this, we flushed the water there at a high speed. Means released water through saline. Due to this, the tablet which was inside the aluminum blister foil started melting in no time and came inside the stomach. The cover automatically softened slightly as the tablet’s contents melted. Now we are in a position to crush the rapper.

Now endoscopy has a special cap called EMR cap (Endoscopic mucosal resection EMR). It is fitted at the end of endoscopy and has a secondary function. But we crushed this cover with the help of this EMR and pushed it inside the stomach. That is, the purpose for which the medicine was consumed has now been fulfilled and the cover has also been crushed. Dr. Anikhindi told that it is a matter of coincidence that two such cases came to light in a few days and both of them left here completely healthy.

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