Mehndi can be fatal! 9 year old daughter used to faint as soon as she applied it, this rare disease came to the fore

The world of medicine is very complex. It cannot be said when someone may face problems due to what. A similar case has come to the fore in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. A case study of a nine-year-old girl has revealed that she has an extremely rare disease. This case study has been published in the latest issue of Clinical Neurophysiology. this case study Sir Gangaram Hospital Dr. PK Sethi, Senior Consultant, Department of Neurology has done it. Actually, this whole story is something like this. A nine-year-old girl applies henna on her hand. She faints within a few minutes of applying henna.

The family members get worried about this. Then they go to the doctor. Even doctors are not able to trust this story at first sight. Then, one day again this happens again with the girl child. She reaches Gangaram Hospital. There he meets Dr. PK Sethi, Senior Consultant of Neurology and he starts his treatment. Actually, Dr. Sethi told that the nine-year-old girl suddenly fainted after coming near Mehndi and she remained unconscious for about 20 seconds. About a year after the first incident, this happened twice with the girl due to applying henna. then recently for a checkup hospital brought into.

According to Dr. Sethi, this is a rare case of Reflex Epilepsy. In a special conversation with News18 Hindi, Dr. Sethi explains that reflex epilepsy is a special type of epilepsy. In this, the patient has trouble with a particular object or thing and upon coming in contact with it, he has an epileptic fit. Explaining this thing in detail, he said that epilepsy is a completely curable disease, but without proper treatment, many times the patient has to suffer an accident due to epilepsy and he loses his life. He told that reflex epilepsy There can be many types. A person can get epilepsy due to hot water. He told about a female patient who came from Allahabad that she had reflex from that hot water. She fainted when hot water was poured on her head while taking a bath. Similarly, a patient of epilepsy can get reflex epilepsy from cold water.

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He told that reflex epilepsy There is only one cure. To find out in the patient what is the problem with him. He told that we studied the case of a nine-year-old girl in depth. Electroencephalography of the child’s brain was done. This is the test that allows a patient to Epilepsy can be found out. He told that the way we get the echo test done to check the heart, in the same way this test is done to check the brain. The biggest thing here is who is doing the investigation. If the examining doctor is experienced, he can easily catch this thing.

In the case of a nine-year-old girl, Dr. Sethi adopted this method. He applied henna on the girl’s hands in the modern lab in front of him. Along with that, electroencephalography of the brain was also done to him. After applying henna, when the girl’s hand was brought close to her nose, she fainted again. During this, detailed mapping of his brain was done. then they electroencephalography Studied the report and found that a kind of short circuit occurs in the brain of the girl child as soon as she smells Mehangi and she faints. This is the first case of its kind in the world. He told that the smell of henna was like a stimulus for the girl child. Due to this the anatomical network got activated in his brain. After finding out the cause of epilepsy in the child, she was advised to take sodium valproate and stay away from henna. Now the baby girl is completely fine and she has no complaint of seizures.

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