Pain in the feet can also be a symptom of high cholesterol, be alert as soon as these signs appear


The feet are far away from the heart, but when cholesterol increases, the veins of the feet start getting blocked.
Frequent cramps in the feet and burning sensation in the soles can also be symptoms of high cholesterol.

Signs of High Cholesterol in Legs: The problem of cholesterol is increasingly being seen in people these days. Both women and men are coming in the grip of high cholesterol. It usually increases due to poor lifestyle, carelessness in eating and due to genetic reasons. To get rid of this, changing your daily habits and using medicines are useful. However, cholesterol is a wax-like substance that is produced through the liver to build cell membranes, vitamin D, and balance hormones. This is called good cholesterol which is essential for health. But when cholesterol combines with high-fat and low-protein lipoproteins to form low-density lipoproteins, it is harmful to the body and is called bad cholesterol.
The problem of bad cholesterol is due to the consumption of unhealthy fatty food and not doing workouts. It causes blockage in the arteries which causes heart attack or stroke. Apart from many parts of the body, its symptoms are also visible in the feet. Here we are telling you what are the symptoms of high cholesterol in the feet.

What are the symptoms seen in the feet of high cholesterol?

leg pain
ngcardiovascular According to, although the feet are far away from the heart, but when cholesterol increases, the veins of the feet begin to block. Due to peripheral artery disease, the arteries of the feet become thin, due to which the flow of oxygen-rich blood decreases here. Because of which heaviness starts coming in the feet and burning sensation etc. is felt in the soles.

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frequent cramps
When cholesterol is high, the problem of frequent cramps in the legs starts. Especially when you are physically active or do walk etc. then this problem becomes more troubling. Not only this, cramps in the legs become more dangerous when you keep sleeping.

be too cold
Although the feet become cold in winter, but if they always remain cold, then this can also be a symptom of high cholesterol. This symptom is visible even in summer.

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Change in color of feet and nails
Due to not having enough blood flow, the color of the nails and skin of the feet starts changing. The nails look thicker and whiter while the skin also looks thicker and darker.

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