Paschimottanasana Sarvangasana Nadi Shodhan Pranayama Balasana amaong 4 yoga poses reduced the risk of bad cholesterol know tips to prevent heart disease


Paschimottanasana can eliminate bad cholesterol from the root.
The practice of Balasana yoga is also helpful in reducing bad cholesterol.

Yoga Reduce Bad Cholesterol in Arteries: There are two types of cholesterol. Good cholesterol is very important for humans. It is a kind of fat which is like sticky wax. Many hormones and cell membranes are formed in the body due to cholesterol. If cholesterol does not remain in the body, then we will not be able to live for long. But the second bad cholesterol is a big villain for us. Bad cholesterol also puts our life in danger. This is called LDL-low density lipid. If bad cholesterol increases, then it becomes an enemy for us. But yoga has so much power that even bad cholesterol can be eradicated in a few days.

Bad cholesterol attacks very stealthily. That’s why we should find out in the beginning. If symptoms of bad cholesterol are seen then yoga should be started immediately. There will be no need of expert for this. It is also very easy to do yoga. Once learned you can do it forever.

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Yoga will eliminate bad cholesterol

1. Paschimottanasana
,ndtv According to the news, Paschimottanasana can eliminate bad cholesterol from the root. For this, sit with your legs straight in front of you. In this position, the soles of your feet should be towards the front. Slowly bring your torso closer to your feet and as close as possible. While doing this, your stomach and chest should be touching your thighs. Touching the feet, keep your face forward. Stay in this position for 10-20 seconds. You can repeat it as per your convenience. While practicing Paschimottanasana, a stretch occurs in the back of the body i.e. the spinal cord, that is why this asana is called Paschimottanasana.

2. SarvangasanaIn this position, you have to keep your legs above your head. In which the whole body is balanced on the shoulders. For this, you lie down on your back and slowly raise both the legs up at 90 degrees. If you are having difficulty in lifting it, then give support with your hands. Remember that the entire weight of the body should be on the upper part of your shoulders and hands, not on your head and neck. Initially you can keep 2-3 pillow under the lower back.

3. Nadi Shodhan Pranayama-For this asana, first cross your legs and sit with your back straight. Bring the fingers of the right hand in front of the mouth. Place the thumb over the right nostril and the ring finger over the left nostril. First, by pressing one nostril, breathe through the other and then by pressing the other nostril, breathe through the first nostril. Repeat this action. Do not breathe forcefully. Retain the breath as much as possible and then release it.

4. Balasana Yoga- For this asana, sit on the waist straight knees. Let both ankles and ankles touch each other. Take a deep breath and bend forward. While taking the stomach down, take it between both the thighs and exhale. In this position, your calves, forehead and palms should be touching the ground. It stretches the body and makes you feel relaxed. In this position you stayed for 10-15 seconds. Do 4 to 5 sets of this yoga practice daily.

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