Teeth Whitening Powerful Combination: Homemade recipe to make teeth shiny and white, prepare this paste with kiwi, cucumber and baking soda


Natural paste can be made from kiwi, cucumber and baking soda
Content creator Armen Adamjan presented a home remedy to make teeth white and shiny
Brush with this paste twice a week, you will see magic

Home Remedies for Whitening Teeth: Nowadays, the problem of dental diseases and their staining is common in people. Everyone wants to make their teeth white and free from stains. For this, all kinds of toothpastes in the market are also claiming their own place among the customers. But to refresh the teeth with white and shiny natural remedies and natural remedies (Natural Remedies for teeth whitening) are also adopted by many people.

In this direction, content creator Armen Adamjan has introduced a method of indigenous mixture to make teeth white and shiny. this mixture Kiwi, Cucumber and Baking Soda Can be prepared from which can prove to be helpful for removing bad bacteria from your mouth and whitening teeth.

According to a report in Indian Express.com, Armen Adamjan shared a creative video on Instagram on how to prepare this tooth whitening mixture. In this video, he has talked about making a paste from 3 ingredients in a blender and brushing his teeth with it.

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It is told in the video that in a blender, add some slices of kiwi, some cucumber and one teaspoon of baking soda. Blend them all together. Mix it in such a way that a paste is prepared. After this you will have a natural way to whiten your teeth. According to the video, kiwi is rich in calcium and cucumber helps in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth. Along with this, it is also helpful in whitening the teeth.

He also asked those watching the video on Instagram to brush their teeth with this paste twice a week and then see how it works. He also told people that there is no need to spend so much on expensive products to whiten your teeth, you have a product made from natural ingredients. He also said that cucumber and kiwi fruits are not only tasty but have the power to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Many dentists, dieticians and experts were discussed on this matter whether it can actually prove to be effective or not. Let us know in detail what the experts have to say on this matter.

Kolkata’s BDS (WBDC) Dr. Arijit Sengupta says that kiwi is considered a great source of vitamin C. It can help in removing plaque (plaque) and stains in the mouth. Cucumber is a great antioxidant which improves the action in the form of synergism. Dr. Sengupta has described baking soda as a highly alkaline compound, which we should not forget. It has microabrasive properties on the teeth and also helps in maintaining the freshness of the mouth. This type of combination can remove stains and other residues.

Registered Dietician Expert Garima Goyal explains that baking soda freshens breath and has strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. They say that it increases the pH level of saliva and does not allow bacteria to flourish. He told that using baking soda is a common home remedy for teeth whitening. The molecules that stain teeth can be broken down with the help of baking soda. And its anti-microbial properties are helpful in fighting bacteria.

Dr. Sachi Shingrani, a dentist from Bandra, Mumbai, stresses that it is best to rely on hydrogen peroxide instead of relying on home remedies. This is a tried and tested method of removing stains and deposits on the teeth. Dr. Shingrani also said that the combination may just help clean the mouth, but may not actually whiten the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is needed to whiten the teeth, which releases the generated oxygen and brings about oxidation. It helps in removing the stains and deposits present on the teeth.

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