The problem of uric acid will end forever! Learn permanent solution from doctor


Men have more uric acid problem than women.
Negligence regarding uric acid can prove to be dangerous.

Best Tips To Control High Uric Acid: At present, the problem of increasing Uric Acid has become common. People of all ages are falling prey to this problem. Uric acid is a waste product made in our liver, which passes through the kidney and exits the body through urine. When uric acid becomes more than normal, it accumulates in the small joints of the body and causes the problem of Gout. In about 5-10 percent of cases, high uric acid causes kidney stones. If the problem of uric acid is ignored for a long time, then it can also become a serious condition like kidney failure. Now the question arises whether the problem of high uric acid can be eliminated forever through treatment? Get to know the answers to all the big questions related to this from the doctor.

How much uric acid is normal?

of New Delhi Dr. Amarendra Pathak, Senior Consultant, Department of Urology, Sir Gangaram Hospital It is said that the level of uric acid in men is considered normal from 4 to 7 mg/dL. While 3.5 to 6 mg/dL uric acid is considered normal in women. When the uric acid level becomes more than normal, then it starts causing problems. The thing to note is that initially the symptoms of uric acid are less visible, so most people remain unaware of it. When the level increases more, then it is tested. To avoid this, everyone must do health checkup from time to time. If uric acid increases and is treated in the beginning, it can be easily controlled. Don’t forget to ignore uric acid for a long time.

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For what reasons can uric acid increase?

According to Dr. Amarendra Pathak, on increasing uric acid, first of all it is necessary to know why it is increasing. Uric acid can increase in case of liver and kidney disease. Excessive consumption of non-veg and high purine foods can also cause this problem. The level of uric acid can also be abnormal due to many diseases. Due to increase in uric acid, it is common to have the problem of Gout, Kidney Stone. When uric acid increases beyond limits, there is a risk of kidney failure. For those who are already suffering from some serious illness, it can prove to be fatal.

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Can the problem of uric acid be eradicated from the root?

According to Dr. Amarendra Pathak, the problem of uric acid can be eliminated forever through proper treatment, necessary lifestyle changes and proper diet in most cases. In most cases it can be normal as before. This is not an incurable disease. High uric acid can cause serious complications only for those who are suffering from liver, kidney or other serious diseases. If it is treated in the beginning itself, then within a few months it can be controlled and medicines can be reduced gradually. On becoming completely normal, medicines can also be stopped on the advice of the doctor. Some people may even take a few years to get rid of this problem.

How to get rid of uric acid?

Keep distance from high protein foods and non veg
Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated
Include liquid things in your diet
Exercise at least 30 minutes every day
Try to improve lifestyle
Maintain your weight and blood sugar
Staying away from alcohol will be beneficial
Take the medicines given by the doctor on time
Do not stop medicines without doctor’s advice
Get your health checkup done from time to time
If there is a problem, see a physician or nephrologist

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