To sleep comfortably, keep the mobile out of the room, make a technology-free bedroom or else this will be a loss


Make a proper place outside the bedroom to keep electronic devices.
Create a bedtime routine for you as well as your child.

Tips to Create Technology-Free Bedroom: Nowadays people have become so addicted to the use of electronic devices that the mobile tab does not go away from their hands even for a minute. From children to adults, all are busy day and night in mobiles, laptops. However, it is also true that these devices have made many tasks easier, but their use day and night also causes great harm to health. Most of the people are such, who keep their mobile on the bed even while sleeping at night. Not only this, in the middle of the night, they keep checking the messages and notifications coming on the mobile. Not only does this disturb your sleep, but you also do not feel fresh in the morning. The harmful electromagnetic waves emanating from sleeping by keeping the mobile near the pillow cause harm to health in many ways. These rays also have a negative effect on the brain. Your memory and hearing ability are also affected.

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Waking up late at night is not good for health

All day when you go to bed tired and go to sleep at night, then it is not right to use mobile there too. If you do not get proper sleep, you may suffer from Insomnia. According to a report published in, using electronic devices at night can affect both the quantity and quality of sleep. To avoid this, most sleep experts recommend keeping technology out of the bedroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of not having a technology-free bedroom

Keeping a technology-free bedroom is not easy for people, considering the way people are in the habit of using mobiles, tablets, laptops till late in the night, but its benefits can be significant. In order that electronic gadgets in the bedroom do not disturb your or your child’s sleep, keep some essential tips in mind, so that your sleep is also complete and you can do all your work in a fresh mood in the morning.

A technology-free bedroom reduces many problems associated with the use of electronic devices at night, which leads to sound sleep.

By using devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, video consoles etc., you stay awake for a long time. This reduces the duration of sleep. Sleeping less harms overall health.
Technology affects the brain. Stimulates your brain, which makes it very difficult to sleep.

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Sleeping by keeping the electronics on the side of the bed, its sound and flickering light disturbs sleep. Your attention keeps going towards your mobile again and again.

Blue light emitted by many devices disrupts the natural production of melatonin. Melatonin is a type of hormone that promotes sleep. This blue light can disturb your circadian rhythm.

-Even if you put your cell phone or other devices on silent mode, keeping them in the bedroom can make you want to see them once in the night when you wake up, potentially affecting your sleep.

Keep electronic devices out of the room like this

10-15 years ago, most of the homes had only one TV, but now along with television, the room is filled with smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, video game consoles, e-readers, smartwatches etc. The rays emanating from all these devices, their sound not only disturbs sleep, but also harms health. Due to their presence in the room, people start checking them even in the middle of the night and then they remain disturbed throughout the day due to lack of sleep.

Make a proper place to keep all these electronic devices. Not in the bedroom, but outside it.

Make a bedtime routine for you as well as your child and follow it always. Neither watch TV till late night nor keep checking messages on mobile.

Set a proper time to turn off all the technical devices, gadgets in the house. Eat on time and then turn off the lights of the house and go to sleep in the bedroom. If you can’t sleep as soon as you go to bed, make a habit of book reading.

If it is very important to keep mobile, laptop in the bedroom, then do not keep it on the bed. Keep a table in the room, you can keep a phone or laptop there. You can also install it by buying a blue-light blocking screen, so that your attention does not go towards them late at night.

Always keep one thing in mind that your bedroom is for rest. There is a special place to relax the body-mind, where one should avoid doing any other work.

If you keep the mobile in the room, then turn off its notification. If you want, you can also keep it in airplane mode. With this, you will not be disturbed by constant light flashing or vibration and will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

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