• Eyelash Extension Shampoo Foam Cleanser & Brush + Mascara Wand – Forabeli/Eyelid Foaming Cleansing/Lash Shampoo Cleaner…

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    ESSENTIAL FORMULA – Contains 6 plant extracts that help promote healthy eyelashes to improve retention. It helps in eyelash repair and protects from damaging substances.
    DEEP CLEANSING AND NOURISHING – Designed perfectly to cleanse built-up oil and dead skin cells without any effort! It removes dirt, fine particles and all sorts of cosmetic residues. It boosts eyelid recovery from a stressful stick and perfectly refines and extends the life of eyelash extensions.
    PRO SENSITIVE AND CRUELTY-FREE -Hypoallergenic. It is a non-irritant, non-burning, non-allergy, paraben-free shampoo for salon and home use. Our enriched formula is animal and vegan-friendly thus produced with premium standards.