What is ischemic heart disease, which increases the risk of heart attack, know the symptoms and methods of prevention


The symptoms of this disease do not appear all at once, rather they can develop slowly.
Ischemic heart disease can also be caused by problems related to sleep.

Ischemic Heart Disease Symptoms and Treatment: Heart related diseases have increased rapidly since the corona epidemic. One of these diseases is ischemic heart disease. This disease, also known as Coronary Artery Disease, is a disease in which the supply of blood reaching the heart starts getting affected. The blood vessels going to the heart get narrowed due to excessive accumulation of cholesterol, which affects the circulation of blood and increases the risk of heart attack.

HealthGrades.com According to the news of Ischemic Heart Disease is a disease in which the flow of blood in a part of the body is reduced. Due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the heart muscles, due to which the chances of a heart attack increase manifold. At present, young people are increasingly coming in the grip of this disease. Let us know what are the symptoms of this disease and how it can be prevented.

due to ischemic heart disease
Generally this disease is related to our lifestyle and food. However, sometimes there are many other reasons for the problem of ischemic heart disease. For example, people who smoke are more at risk than others. Smoking causes cholesterol and fat to accumulate in the arteries of the blood. Due to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, the supply of blood to different parts of the body is not done properly and due to this many types of serious problems start. It has also been revealed in many researches that ischemic heart disease can also be caused due to problems related to sleep. There could be some other reasons too….

Hypertension or high blood pressure
Unbalanced and unhealthy diet and living a bad lifestyle
– addicted to smoking
– consuming alcohol and drugs
Due to lack of proper sleep
– high cholesterol level
– Overweight and obesity
Having a family history of heart disease

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Symptoms of ischemic heart disease
The signs of this disease do not appear all at once, rather they can develop slowly as the arteries are gradually blocked due to plaque. However, sometimes this problem also appears suddenly. Its symptoms may differ from person to person.

Chest pain or discomfort during exertion or excitement
– shortness of breath
– Tightness in the chest and back
Frequent feeling of gas or indigestion
– sweating with little effort
Dizziness or fainting
– Feeling nauseous frequently
– numbness of hands

treatment of ischemic heart disease
The first step in the treatment of ischemic heart disease is to get a checkup done. After the examination, according to the duration of the disease and its severity, the health experts give treatment. First of all, medicines are given to reduce the high level of cholesterol and high blood pressure. After this, if necessary, other steps are also taken.

– coronary stent
Bypass surgery
– Angioplasty

In addition to the above measures, ischemic heart disease can also be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you have the habit of smoking then you have to remove it too. Along with this, a balanced diet rich in low-fat fruits and vegetables and whole grains should be consumed.

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