What is the relation between diabetes and hypertension, know how one disease affects the other

High Blood and Diabetes: Diabetes is very harmful for our health because it is such a disease that once it occurs, it stays with us for life. Its complete treatment is impossible, it can be controlled only by making changes in lifestyle. Diabetes also gives birth to many other diseases, one of them is hypertension ie high blood pressure. Both diabetes and hypertension are two sides of the same coin. Most of the people who have diabetes problem are also found to be suffering from high blood pressure.

medical news today According to the news, both the diseases are related to lifestyle. If anyone is suffering from either of the two diseases, then the risk of the other increases manifold. That’s why it is very important to understand both diabetes and hypertension. If someone is suffering from both the problems then the condition of each makes the other worse.

high blood pressure diagnosis
There are not many symptoms of high blood pressure. It can be detected by checking it only through blood pressure machine. A blood pressure reading shows two different types of reading, one is systolic and the other is diastolic. The systolic number indicates the maximum pressure exerted by the heart while the diastolic rating indicates the pressure exerted on the arteries between heartbeats.

normal condition– Systolic is below 120 and diastolic should be below 80.

Hi : Systolic is 120-129 and diastolic is below 80.
High blood pressure – condition 1: Systolic is 130-139 or Diastolic is 80-89.
high blood pressure condition 2: Systolic is 140 or higher, or Diastolic is 90 or higher.

Diabetes Identification: According to the American Diabetes Association, not every patient with diabetes experiences symptoms of the disease. The following symptoms may appear in high blood sugar
– increased thirst
– increased appetite
– passing urine more often than usual
– fatigue from little work
– vision problems
– Delayed wound healing

If a person becomes more susceptible to infection then it can also cause diabetes.

  • urinary tract infection (UTI infection)
    Thrush infection
    – respiratory tract infection

Relationship between diabetes and blood pressure: According to a 2021 report, diabetes and hypertension occur together. Although there can be some common reasons for these.
Sedentary lifestyle with more calories
being obese
– Swelling and irritation in the body
– oxidative stress
– insulin resistance

can diabetes cause high blood pressure
A person with diabetes does not have enough insulin to convert it into glucose, or the insulin does not work properly. Insulin is the hormone that gives us energy from food. When a person has a problem with insulin, glucose cannot enter their cells to provide energy, so it starts accumulating in the blood. High blood sugar levels cause a lot of damage to tissues and organs. The ADA states that 2 out of 3 people with diabetes either report high blood pressure or are taking medications to lower their blood pressure.

does high bp cause diabetes
High BP is linked to our metabolism. If our metabolism is not correct, then problems like obesity and dyslipidemia start increasing. According to a report, about 25 percent of people with high BP are victims of diabetes. This is due to poor glucose metabolism. According to a 2018 article, people with high blood pressure usually have insulin resistance and are at an increased risk of developing diabetes compared to people with normal blood pressure.

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