Working continuously for hours is injurious to health, do this one thing every half an hour, stay healthy, live longer


Working continuously sitting has a negative effect on health.
If you take a walk for 5 minutes every half an hour between work then there can be many health benefits.

Side Effects of Sitting All Day: Today’s lifestyle has become such that people move less and sit for long hours. Be it office or home, while working, people even forget to walk. Throughout the day, they work at the same place, sitting in the same position. Do you know how much damage can be done to the health due to continuous sitting? Due to this, blood circulation in your body does not happen properly. The problem of obesity may increase. The habit of sitting is unhealthy for the heart. If you want to avoid the side effects of sitting, then you should walk only for 5 minutes in every half an hour gap. Yes, in a recent new study, it has been revealed that if you walk for five minutes in an interval of half an hour, then it will be of great benefit. According to a news published in, a study published in Sports and Exercise of Journal Medicine and Science included 11 healthy middle-aged and older adults. They were asked to sit in the laboratory for eight hours, just like one would sit in an office. They were asked to do this for five days. On one of these 5 days, during 8 hours of work, the participants took very short breaks only to go to the bathroom. On other days, the researchers tried several different strategies. He was asked to do light walking, so that his habit of continuous sitting could be broken. For this, one day the participants walked for one minute every half an hour. On the second day, he walked for five minutes every one hour.

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According to the researchers, we wanted to know what effect the health of the participants was affected by even walking at least after continuous sitting. How beneficial at least walking can be in removing the harmful health effects caused by continuous sitting. The result of the research was shocking. It has been found in the research that even by walking less in this way, the risk of blood sugar level, blood pressure, heart disease can be reduced in people.

The researchers found that a five-minute light walk every half hour was the only strategy that significantly reduced blood sugar levels compared to sitting for the whole day. Specifically, taking a five-minute walk every half hour was found to lower post-meal blood sugar levels by about 60%. Not only this, this strategy of walking in between sitting for a long time also improves blood pressure to a great extent. Even taking a light walk of just one minute every hour was found to lower blood pressure significantly. Not only this, a positive effect on the mental health of the participants was also seen by taking light walks in between during work. This freshened his mood. Tiredness was gone, they were found full of more energy than before.

Disadvantages of working long hours
People who work sitting at the same place for hours, have a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and many types of cancer. Not only this, the chances of early death also increase in those who follow sedentary lifestyle. In such a situation, an adult should sit less and keep moving more, so that he can remain healthy for a long time. Keep taking regular breaks during work. Walking for half an hour on a regular basis will not only keep you healthy, but also make you more productive in the workplace.

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