Yoga Session: To stay healthy for a long time, do 5 yogasanas daily, back-waist problems will go away


Everyone should practice yoga according to their ability.
Do Sukshyama before practice, so that there is no injury.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: The problem of many people is that they feel tired all the time and they have to face difficulties from an early age in getting up, sitting or walking. You can take the help of yoga to keep away such problems. However, for this it is not necessary that you practice rigorous yoga only. If you regularly practice some mentioned yoga and asanas, then you will get a lot of benefit. Here we are telling you that by regular practice of which yoga and asanas you can always keep yourself fit and healthy.

First do warm-up To save yourself from injury, first do stretching of the body and warm-up properly. For this, sit in Sukhasana and stretch your whole body upwards by interlocking both the hands. Now keep both your legs straight forward on the mat and stretch the toes once forward and once backward. Do this 10 times. Now make a gap between both the feet and move the toes once inwards and once outwards. Keep breathing well. Do this 10 times. Now move the claws clockwise. To see in detail, you can click on the video link given below.

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butterfly posture Sit on the mat with the toes of both the feet together and hold the toes well with the hands. Try to keep your feet as close as possible to your body. Keep the back and neck straight and move both the knees up and down like a butterfly. Now while relaxing, fold the legs and stretch them towards the ground till the count of 10. Always practice it according to your ability. This asana is considered very useful for women.

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Punish Make a little distance between both the legs and keep both the hands open in front. Now while inhaling, sit bending your knees and stand up while exhaling. Do this according to your ability. You can impose half penalty in the beginning. Apart from this, you can do sit-ups on the chair. Those who can do full punishment should practice it according to their ability by making fist while inhaling.

Setubandha posture- Setubandha posture is a very good exercise for your waist, back, lungs, backbone. For this, lie down on the mat on your back and fold your toes and keep them near the hips. Now raise your waist. Take the support of your hands to keep your waist up. In practice, you lift the waist once and then lie down. You do this 10 times.

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Chakrasana- By doing Chakrasana, there will be no problem of your waist bending forward in old age. To do this, lie down on the mat. Now keep both the legs bent and raise the whole body by bringing the hands near the ears. All your weight will be on the hands and feet. Now you can do pullups by folding your hands lightly.

Shalabhasan- Lie down on your stomach on the mat in Makarasana posture. Keep the hands folded, now keep the face on it and relax. Now spread the claws of both the feet outwards. Now press both the hands under the thigh. Now lift one leg and lower it. Do this 10 times. Then do the same with the other leg. After this you sit in Vajrasana. Click on the video link to watch in detail.

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